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The green aspect of the Santa Muerte is typically associated with justice and the legal profession, but it is also associated with fertility. The green Santa Muerte is a patron saint of attorneys and judges, but she is also who followers call upon when they need help in legal matters that may take them to court, when they need help to avoid court / attention from law enforcement, or when they require justice but don’t have the means to go to court or to pay for representation. Green is the color of land, which itself represents legal jurisdictions, “the law of the land”, and personal property (which is at the middle of many lawsuits). As a fertility symbol, the green Santa Muerte can be petitioned when you need something to grow and flourish, and if you’re trying to have a baby. It’s common to see this color venerated in the United States as the Santa Muerte of money.

**Important Notes:

*Embellishments,carvings and design may change from time to time. Each piece is handmade, no two statues will be exactly the same.

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