Papa Jim's Botanica

Acacia Flowers – Burn for power and blessings
Adam & Eve Root – Carry for love
African Ginger – Stops curses and hexes
Agrimony – Burn to reverse a spell
Ague weed – Stops hexes in their path
Alfalfa – Keep poverty away
All Heal – Curses illnesses
Aloes – Helps bring you a new lover
Angelica – Stops evil forces
Anise – Helps you foretell the future
Archangel – Bring a lost lover back to you
Asafoetida – Burn to hex your enemy
Ash leaves – Prevents witchcraft

Balm of Gilead – Carry for protection
Basil – Removes Jinx
Bay Leaves – Protects the home from evil
Bayberry Bark – Attracts good fortune
Beth Root – Attract a mate by secretly placing in their food
Benzoin – Burn with incense for many blessings
Bergamot – Very powerful for success
Betony Wood – A very good uncrossing herb
Bistort – Carry in yellow flannel bag to attract good fortune
Bittersweet – Toss into your enemies yard to make them move
Black Candle Tobacco – Mix with salt and burn for court
Black Cohosh – Add to bath for a long and happy life
Black Mustard Seeds – Causes disturbance and problems
Black Snake Root – Helps uncross your nature
Bladderwrack – Carry for protection while traveling
Blood Root – Defeats witchcraft
Blue Flag – Mix with money drawing incense for financial gain
Blue Berry – Creates confusion; toss into enemies path
Boldo – Sprinkle around the home to ward off evil
Boneset – Burn as an incense to curse your enemy
Broom Tops – Sprinkle around the home to clear evil doings
Buckthorn Bark – Grants wishes

Caraway Seeds – Carry for protection
Cardamon – Add to food or drink as a love potion
Cascara Sagrada – Winning court cases
Chamomile – Wash your hands in this tea before your gamble
Cinnamon – Add to win or food as a love potion
Cinquefoil – Rub on black candle to curse your enemy
Cloves – Added to Mojo bags for better results
Coriander – A strong love potion, powder, and mix in the food
Couch Grass – To remove any evil from the home
Cumin – Mix with food to keep a lover faithful
Curry Powder – Burn to keep evil forces away

Damiana – Add to wine for a very good aphrodisiac
Dandelion – Induce clairvoyant abilities
Devil Shoestring – Carry in red flannel bag for gambling luck
Dill Seed – Steep in hot wine for a love potion
Dittany of Crete – Success on a date
Dog Grass – Sprinkle on enemies yard to ruin their yard

Earth Smoke – Attract quick financial gain
Elder Berries – Put in each corner of the home for protection
Eucalyptus – Sew into pillow to ward off nightmares

Fennel Seeds – Carry to ward off witchcraft
Five Finger Grass – Sprinkle under bed to ward off dark spirits
Flax Seeds – Used as a tea to increase powers of divinations
Frankincense – Burn before performing any ritual for strength

Galangal – Carry with you to court for success
Gentian – Add to bath water for power and strength bath
Grains of Paradise – Carry in a green flannel bag for good luck
Gravel Root – Helps increase the chances of find a job
Guinea Pepper- Cast upon doorsteps to break up homes

Hawthorn – Add to scrub water to purify home
Hawthorne – Burn to purify voodoo room
Hyssop – Protection against the evil eye
Horehound – Keeps trouble away, keep near doorways

Irish Moss – Sprinkle in a business to draw customers

Jamaican Ginger – Carry for gambling luck
Jasmine – A very good flower for love drawing
Joe Pie – Carry to gain popularity
Juniper Berries – Steep in wine and use daily for vitality

Kava Kava Root – Helps calm down a nervous person
Khus Khus – Bathe in this herb for 9 days to change your luck
King of the Woods – Carry for success
Knot Weed – Helps destroy your enemies

Ladies Thumb – Draws love
Life Everlasting – Believed this tea will prolong life
Lovage – Add to bath water for victory in court
Laurel – Give to brides for a long and happy marriage
Lavendar – Brings peace and serenity to a home
Lemon Verbena – Use on image candle to break up people
Licorice – Sprinkle in lovers footsteps to keep him faithful

Maiden Hair Fern – Brings beauty and love into your life
Mandrake – Carried to draw love; very strong
Marjoram – Prized as a charm against witchcraft
Magnolia – See into mates pillow to insure fidelity
Marigold – Helps you find Mr. Right
Master of the Woods – Men carry for power over women
Mistletoe – Love drawing
Mugwort – Burn as an incense for crystal gazing
Mullein – Burn to cause your enemy harm
Mustard Seed Yellow – A symbol of faith followed by success
Mustard Seed Red – Sprinkle to ward off burglars
Mustard Black – To cause strife and stress to someone
Myrtle – A very good herb for love; add to Voodoo dolls
Myrrh – Powerful guard against evil

Nettle – Mix with Jinx removing powder to remove evil
Nutmeg – Carried for gambling luck

Orange Flowers – Used in love rituals
Orris Root – Carry for attraction and love drawing

Passion Flower – Sprinkle to arouse passion in your lover
Patchouly – Used in rituals when grave yard dirt is needed
Peppermint – Increases your chances of having good dreams
Pennyroyal – Carry when traveling to prevent sickness
Periwinkle – A love herb; burn in the bed room
Poke Root – Breaks hexes; brew into a tea then add to bath
Poppy Seeds – Sew into your people to help stop insomnia

Queen of the Meadow – Add to Mojo bags for fast luck

Rattle Snake Root – Carry for protection from accidents
Rosemary – Keep near the bed to insure faithfulness
Rose Petals – Carry in a bag sewn closed to bring love
Rue – Sprinkle around a business to attract customers

Safflower – Mix with jinx incense to curse your enemy
Sage – Wards off misfortune
Sampson Snake Root – Carry in a purple bag for protection
Sandalwood – Luck, health and good fortune
Sarsaparilla – Causes men to be more virile
Sea Wrack – Add to black magic and hex rituals
Senna – Add to mates bath water to insure faithfulness
Smart Weed – Attract money and clears the mind
Snake Root- Carried for court cases
Solomon?s Seal Root – Sprinkle around the altar for power
Spikenard – Make love secure
St. John’s Wort – Sprinkle around the home for protection
Sumbul Root – A favorite love root

Thyme – Bathe in this to insure you have money all the time
Tonka Beans – Carried for good luck
Tormentil – Drink to remove witchcraft from the body
Trumpet Weed – Helps make a man more potent
Twitch Grass – Reverses hexes

Unicorn Root – Carried for protection
Uva Ursi – Burn with Psychic power incense

Valerian – Sprinkle on enemy’s yard to get rid of them
Violet – A love ingredient of ancient fame

Wormwood- Sprinkle on enemy’s path to cause them strife

Yarrow – Burn to invoke satan
Yellow Dock Root – Improve business and good fortune
Yerba Mate – add to mate’s food or drink as a love potion
Yerba Santa – Burn for holy blessing in the home or business