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Helps you defeat demons and to protect you from your enemies


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1 review for SAINT MICHAEL ( San Miguel) WATER PJ

  1. Anthony Gonzales

    Hello. I love this product. I used the perfume oil and water but it can be confusing. I buy the 10$ glass quart and sometimes it is just saint.micheal and sometimes its el chief. So if you are like me and have a good heart.and.moral.principles this protection water will protect your feelings and help you be confident. It stops negativity from making you depressed horny lazy angry gossip bad luck and. Givrs you peace. AND it works better than saint.clair to heal your.mind. stop negativity and get your confidence good values and clarity back by blocking the negativity that clouds your mind. People have evil hearts and get jealous of you. This water works great 10/10. Very good.product ….. For good.people.

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