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The Seven African Powers are made up seven of the most powerful Orishas. Orunla, Ogun, Chango, Obatala, Yemaya, Elegua and Ochun.

Orunla is the symbol of wisdom. He is also known as the Orunmila or Ifa. He is the patron of the babalawos or high priests of Santeria. He is also believed to be a great doctor with a thorough knowledge of herbs and is said to be one of the owners of the four winds.

Ogun represent work and all human effort. He is also a symbol of violence, brute force, and raw energy.

Chango is the most popular Orisha and is seen as the symbol of fire, thunder and lightning. He is the embodiment of passion, virility and raw power. He also symbolizes dancing, war and all the virtues and imperfections of human nature.

Obatala is a very important Orisha. He is the father of most of the other deities. He is seen as Peace and Purity and as the creator of mankind.

Yemaya is seen as the ocean water and supernal mother. She is the giver of all life and the sustenance of the world. With her help all things are possible ; without her, there is only death and destruction. While Obatala is the seed of life, it is through Yemaya that the seed germinates and manifests in many living things.

Ellegua is the opener of doors, the messenger of the god and he is a great diviner who does not need an oracle to see the future, he owns keys to all door and to evil as well as to good.

Ochun is the deity of river waters and is also seen as the embodiment of love and sexuality. She is a symbol of gaiety, music, the arts and human pleasure. She represents the joy of life and is in many way what makes life worth living. She is the patron of gold and all wealth is hers to give, she also rules marriage and is the giver of fertility.


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