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This Herbal Bath is For Cleansing, To remove bad luck, Protect you from harm, Good luck, Health, Peace in the home, Happiness,Bingo, Power, Protection, Against Vengeance, Business, Gambling, Love, Drawing luck , Attraction, Wear Papa Jim?s Protection perfume to keep you safe from harm ( Elp 12 $3.97 ) sold separately.

It is very important when one practices magic that one make baths part of the ritual. Papa Jim?s 21 Herbal Bath is a combination of natural herbs that have been chosen by Papa Jim, to cleanse and remove all evil from your body. (LARGE HALF POUND BAG)



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1 review for PAPA JIM’S 21 HERBAL BATH

  1. DAnna Figueroa

    Just received this yesterday, made the bath last night and did my meditation. WOW this is so strong and I love it! Better than the one I purchased two years ago from a store around where I live!

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