Papa Jim's Botanica


This is a book on how to use candles. Along with recipes for candle burning. Easy steps to Candle burning. This is a must have book if you are interested in the Magic of Candle Burning. (CHECK OUT OTHER BOOKS ON MAGICAL SPELL BOOKS)



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3 reviews for PAPA JIM’S CANDLE BOOK

  1. Mary Lopez

    There are no words to describe the value of this beautifully put together book. I hope to meet Papa Jim one day.

    All his books string together. I suggest you buy this book first before the others, and do buy all of them, and keep them in your family library. These are very important cultural books.

  2. Teresa Grubman

    This is one of the most useful spiritual books I own. And I have a library of about 280 of them. Well-written and easy to follow instructions make the 7-Day candle petition book a gem. Many folk prayers to the saints included as well as other useful formulas.

    A must have reference and working book for the new and tenured spiritualist.

  3. Brandi Brown

    Awesome book beautifully written and easy to use

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