Papa Jim's Botanica


Resons to try this product. 1. Lack of Sexual Drive. This natural formula provides optimum sexual enhancement within one hour.
2. Does what it says. This formula, Yohimbe FREE, helps to repeat the act, maintain firmness and increase the size during the effect of the product..
3. Yohimbe Free: This product does not contain Yohimbe and as such is much safer that other brands.
4. Diabetics: Many diabetics can find effectiveness in this all natural product.
5. Practicality: Use only one pill when needed. Recomended to be taken 45 minutes prior to the act.
6. Effective w/ alcohol. It is safe and effective to take when men need it most. Recommended to be taken only with a moderate amount of alcohol while increasing water intake. No more than 3 drinks.
7. Anyone that is sexually active should try it and experience much more passion, adventure and/or excitement


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